Bobby and Peter tell your family regarding the “UFO”, and are thrilled to inform individuals at school about this

Bobby and Peter tell your family regarding the “UFO”, and are thrilled to inform individuals at school about this

Featuring: Robbie Rist just incontra con differenza d’età who suits the shed since Cousin Oliver

Bobby and you will Peter, to the night immediately following fulfilling astronaut Brigadier Standard James McDivitt, are of the opinion they usually have seen an excellent UFO hover over its yard next disapprear, but it is simply Greg to play an useful joke on them. The newest “UFO” reappears as they both begin images. Bobby later on dreams about a great UFO landing on the backyard having room aliens Herlo and Shim emerging and you may reaching him. Mike shows the newest created “UFO” photos toward Air Push whom post Master James McGregor out of nearby police force to investigate. Greg try obligated to know to the details and you may loses explore of your automobile into the week-end while the abuse. Invitees stars: Brigadier Standard James McDivitt, Mario Machado, Honest Delfino as the Herlo brand new Kaplutian, Sadie Delfino while the Shim the Kaplutian, James Flavin since Captain James McGregor. Note: Frank Delfino had in past times played Mike Lookinland’s ‘Bobby Brady’ stunt twice, Sadie Delfino had in the past played Susan Olsen’s ‘Cindy Brady’ stunt double, most of the just before the kids grew too large. Well-known cut into Greg’s lip, told me once the an effective shaving crash within occurrence, actually was caused by a visitors accident Barry Williams are doing work in. Blooper: Frank Delfino, due to the fact Herlo, address contact information Shim just like the ‘Herlo’ regarding second fantasy series. 112 517 “Acceptance Onboard” Richard Michaels Larry Rhine Al Schwartz January 25, 1974 112

Peter and Bobby complain one to no body at school believes them concerning the “UFO” so find facts by camping in the lawn with a cam

Carol’s nephew, the Brady kids’ relative Oliver, this new guy out of Pauline and you may Jack, pertains to accept the new Bradys when you find yourself his mothers have been in South america. He nearly wears aside their anticipate as he is actually in a few small crashes within his passion to greatly help out. He or she is pretty sure his visibility is not jinxing the household whenever their visibility wins them an award through the a trip a movie facility, where each of them come while the accessories during the good 1920s-build slapstick film. Visitor a-listers: John Nolan as the Jim Douglas, Judd Laurance because director, Snag Werris because police officer, Knob Winslow since the truck driver no. 1, and you may Ralph Montgomery since the vehicle rider number 2. 113 518 “A few Petes into the a great Pod” Richard Michaels Sam Locke Milton Pascal March 8, 1974 111

Peter meets his appropriate “double” Arthur at school immediately after and also make a night out together with a woman titled Michelle. When Arthur renders a romantic date which have Pamela, a relative regarding Mike’s boss Ed Phillips, if you are masquerading given that Peter, Peter must enroll Arthur’s help to stop breaking either big date. Carol and you will Mike hook toward, however, Pamela is largely keen on Arthur, and you may Michelle are in the long run interested in Peter. Featuring: Christopher Knight during the a twin part of Peter Brady and Arthur Owens, Robbie Rist since the Relative Oliver. Guest celebrities: Denise Nickerson because the Pamela, Kathy O’Dare as Michelle. 114 519 “”” inside info “”” Bernard Wiesen Howard Ostroff February fifteen, 1974 115

Bobby and you can Oliver diving to all the types of results whenever Mike is actually went to because of the Fred Sanders an enthusiastic FBI representative (to get cover clearances getting an authorities endeavor), and you can then are asked to assist Sam which have an excellent “key” opportunity to enhance his shop. The fresh boys trust Sam try passage advice on the Russians whenever they select him conferring together with landlord, Mr. Gronsky, in regards to the opportunity, and you may secure Sam and you may Gronsky regarding the chicken locker. Mike is able to 100 % free the two and you may things are cleared up. At the same time Sam’s consult off Mike to draw preparations to possess a “top-secret” endeavor lead Alice, Carol, Marcia, The month of january and you can Cindy to visualize that he’s planning to inquire Alice so you can wed your, hence Mike was creating property for them. Featuring: Allan Melvin in his final looks just like the Sam Franklin, Robbie Rist as Relative Oliver. Visitor celebrities: Lew Palter just like the Mr. Gronsky, Wear Fenwick while the Fred Sanders. 115 520 “This new Snooperstar” Bruce Bilson Harry Winkler February twenty two, 1974 113

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