The self-inspecting sessions were amazing. They helped a lot in self-exploration and self-awareness. The art and craft sessions were also very nice since they really gave us a chance to express ourselves in so many different ways and just let our imagination run free.

I really liked the glass bowl ritual, where we put our one positive and one negative feeling every time before the sessions began. The different ways of expression - drawing, creating music, authentic movement, acting etc. The way we related to each other.

The environment in the sessions was very inviting. There was not a single time when I felt nervous.

There was nothing about my experience with expressive arts therapy that I didn't like. There wasn't anything that made me uncomfortable. I enjoyed every activity and tried to make use of them to channelize my energy in a positive direction.

The activity where we drew with our non-dominant hand is the one which was life-changing for me. It was amazing to have experienced that. Otherwise, just basic sharing in a group, the feeling of togetherness was amazing. It was a safe haven for us to explore ourselves.

I liked the wishing well the most. I also loved all the group activities. Coming together in the sacred space to help each other out was amazing. I loved everything! :)

The facilitator was very understanding and patient. She helped me understand a lot of things that I didn't understand before. She also helped me to accept who I am.

The activities were very well planned and organized. All the activities were different and unique, and helped to grow. All in all, the sessions were very interesting.

Our facilitator was very good at communicating ideas and understanding what others were going through. This certain quality made the sessions really effective.

Our facilitator used to motivate and clearly convey the purpose of the sessions. We were provided appropriate materials for each session. She used to give us clear details of the events, and always motivated us to be our best version.